There are many dangerous areas in the Zone. Each and every anomaly has different effects upon the player. Almost all of them are dangerous and eventually fatal.

They are hazardous, often deadly, towards human beings and other creatures as they can deliver electric shocks or burn, corrode and distort physical objects. Anomalies appear alone or in clusters. Because vertebrate life on earth has iron-based blood, those creatures with enough body mass are capable of triggering the anomalies. The player is always carrying a A.R.M. detector which beeps when anomalies are near. Artifacts are formed in anomalies. Certain artifacts are spawned by certain anomalies.


Anomalies by type :


Gravitation anomalies : Vortex, Springboard, Whirligig, Lift.
Gravitation anomalies can be trigered by entering anomaly field, damage is fatal.



Fire type anomalies : Fault, Symbiont, Comet, Burner,
Fire type anomalies do fire damage, as closer you are the bugger damage will be. As result can leave burns.

Electro anomalies : Electro, Tesla.
Electro anomalies do elekctric damage as closer anomaly center you are. Can leave electric burns.


Chemical anomalies : Gas, Fruit punch, Rusty hair, Fog, burnt fuzz.
Chemical anomalies is hard to detect, they can do instant damage (detectibles) or can contaminate players body with chemical or even biochemical materials. Anomaly fog can contain and transmit hazardous infections.

Radiation : radiation can emit from parts of reactors, equipment, nucleare wepons and so on or can be anomaly type, artifacts, secondary anomaly effect. High ammount of radiation is in emmision wawe.

PSY anomaly : psy anomality can be found near abandoned labs, old buildings, bunkers, can beemmited by some artifacts. PSY damage is instant, over time and contaminate in players body (brains mutation).
Some of anomalies can change its place by time or after emmision. So anomalies and hazard location maps are olways priceles.