Advanced recon module

Phone must have front camera – it is used to scan QR codes.

A.R.M. have inventory. Where Medkits drugs artifacts and so on can be transferred by NPC.

FAQ: Frequently aked quetin

Q: What the hell is A.R.M. ?
A: A.R.M.- is Advanced recon module. It is application for Android phone.

Q: Why does it do ?
A: It is advanced scanner witch tells You several things. How much Life You have. Radiation level around You and how much radiation poisoning You got. Max 15 Sievert (Sv). At max exposure level One will die pretty fast approximately 15 minutes. Anomaly distance to You. One wrong step and You are dead. And Mental field from some of the monsters. Controler and Burer (Information will be added latter).
In pictures and video You can see version 2.0. We are working on new setup and also different approach. Version 3.0 will be released before game.

Q: Which Android version is compatible ?
A: Android 4.4 and up. New version 3.0 will be more advanced so before full release and testing we can not tell exact version.

Q: Does everyone must have it ?
A: Yes

Q: is it power hungry App ?
A: YES do not forget power bank or two.

Q: Where can i download App ?
A: It will be uploaded to Your phone upon registration to the game.

Q: Does A.R.M. Requires Internet connection
A: No

Q: What does it require then ?
A: Wifi and Bluetooth connection should be ON and Fly mode ON.

Q: Do we need sim card ?
A: No

Q: Do we have to use ARM
A: Yes, otherwise You will step in anomalies and die instantly.

Q: What to do if my phone with A.R.M. discharged ?
A: If You are alone You are dead, If You have friend nearby You can go together But if Player with A.R.M. Gets shot You both are dead.

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