Artifatcs divide into to type : human made affected items and generated by The Zone

Human made and affected items can be found in all Zone. Most of them cheap and dont have demand. But some items can be sold to traders. It is olways a gamble with such items.

Artifatcs generated by The Zone :  most artifacts is generated inside anomalies and can be found near them. Some Artifacts can “travel” true zone using earth or Zone magnetic fields. Artifacts can be devided into 3 types: common, rare, quest type.

Artifacts generated by The Zone can be picked only by FREESTALKERS.

Rare and quest type artifacts can be transported only in artifacts containers.

Common type of artifacts do not have any influence on stalkers. Usualy they are sold to traders or scientists.

Artifacts generated in anomalies can have  effects, some positive that give advantage some negative that can effect HP or increase body impurity. Some of them have bouth effects.

After finding artifact freestalker can activate them at traders or sientists and find out artifact effects. After that artifact can be carried in A.R.M. or sold to trader or other stalkers.


This artifact is made up of a super light material deformed by an extreme gravitational force, resulting in a crystallized formation and lightweight that has not been explained by science to date.Artifact can be found in all ZONE, do not have any effect but have good price.


A reddish formation of compressed stone and fossilized plants, soil and animal debris. Stone covered with blood lines. Can be found anywhere in The Zone, do not have any effect but have good price.


This wonderful artifact is formed by the Springboard anomaly. The use of the artifact demands the neutralization and activation. Expensive and rare, this artifact is extremely interesting for scientific expeditions and other research activity in the Zone.


The origin of this object is shrouded in scientific mystery. It’s clear that it’s made in part by di-electric elements, but science does not know the physical conditions in which it is formed. Scientist found that artifact emmiting power so can be used in military researh projects. The artifact is very rare but popular in the Zone and valued by its residents and visitors for its energizing properties.


This artifact used to be considered trash, devoid of any useful properties. However, scientists recently discovered that if kept in constant contact with the body, it has an excellent stimulating effect on the nervous system, replenishing the bearer’s energy. Some scientists thisk that artifact is discharged BATTERY artefact. It is rare and expensive bet only for traders who is looking for it. Have some effects but need to be activated.


 According to the opinion of some researchers-theorists, this artifact is a hybrid between Battery and Shell. It contains mechanical power. Very rare and needs to be activated for effect.


An extremely rare artifact.  Scientists cannot figure out how to create such an object in laboratories. Can have several effects and need to be activated. Much about this artifact remains a complete mystery to scientists. At the same time, it is known for certain that emissions produced by pulses in its thicker sections force blood in open wounds to clot quicker, forming a protective scab.


Rare artifact than can be found in The Zone, have several effects but need activation. As well can be sold for good cash.


This artifact, which resembles the human eye, considerably increases the body’s metabolism.  Experienced stalkers say that the Eye also brings luck. Need to be activated. It is rare and have good price.


Very rarely found artifact, located near the Whirligig anomaly. Only a very few manage to find this artifact, and few have even seen it. It has a nice shape and an equally nice price. To purge effects needs to be activated.


Even though Fireball is a thermal artifact, it can be handled without fear of being burned. This artifact is valued for its ability to maintain a temperature of 75 degrees within a small radius, virtually regardless of its surroundings.To stabilize temperature output needs to be activated.



This gravitational artifact attracts and absorbs radioactive particles,very unstable before activation.  Very common in the Zone and is unofficially used outside the Zone for treating acute radiation sickness in exceptional circumstances.

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