Name: Dxxxx Zxxxxx
Nickname: Jonny
Born: 1984
Origin: LT
Last known location : [Classified] Africa (LE 5e RE)
Fraction: Military
interrogation protocol MS-407
My Name is [classified], Personal Number-3098765, OR-8 Master Sergeant.
I grew up near the Capital of Lithuania in a small town. After 1991 January events, I decided that I need to be the Soldier. In 20xx [Classified]
[Classified ]
Few years later I’ve got to the military at my country. After 3 years I felt that serving in the Military of my country is too boring so I choosed a French Foreign Legion.
Lots of years, lots of mission , lots of friends… Lost friends….lost because of the bad politician decisions… bribes (I HATE BRIBES) I hate [classified]
After my retirement from LE (French Foreign Legion) I worked for different PMC. Always had a contact with my friends from LE, no matter where they are…[classified]
One of my friends was Anatolyi, Kozak, from Zaporoge. After retirement he came back to his country and joined regular military force. His Deployment was “The Zone”. “The Zone”[classified]
Lots of stories goes around it…Monsters, loots, bandits, stalkers, artifacts, Vybrosy (or something like that)… Anatolyi told me lots of them…
Sometimes I believe in it…sometimes not. My “brother in arms” said that is impossible, but that’s true….
After couple of years in “The Zone”, in 2017, Anatolyi KIA… somewhere in “The Zone”. His commander called me to tell about it. His KIA when his FOB have got attacked by Chimera.. or something like that. They’ve not found his body [classified] only his clothes and tags [classified]
His commander asked me to Join the Military fraction and finish Anatolyis last mission [classified]. His offer was interesting and I Agreed…
Now I’m here [classified] waiting for deployment and waiting to see my new “brothers in Arms”. To meet Soldiers I’ll command.

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