Exoskeleton  rules

  1. The exoskeleton is used as an armor.
    2. The exoskeleton must look like as in game
    3. The owner of an exoskeleton can not run or lie down on the ground.
    4. The owner of the exoskeleton can use a machine gun.
    5. Exoskeleton resistant to all types of bullets.
    6. The power supply element must be visible on the rear part of the armor. (metal  so every hit heard cleary by BBS hit) Dimensions 15x6 cm (or 0.5 L can)
    7. Exoskeleton  can be disabled by hitting power supply or by the  grenade. (granade must blow up to 5m)
    8. Neutralized exoskeleton player can be killed by  player with the aid of a knife.
    9. Damaged power supply starts to emit radiation within 10 minutes, resulting in the player dying.
    10. The neutralized exoskeleton can not resist anyway. But you can use the communication and call for help.
    11. The neutralized exoskeleton can be activated by changing the power supply. Open the element holder, removable element, add new one. It is possible to use the same element), the change of the element takes 1 minute)
    12. The removed element must be a reference to what has already been used, and the 2 tags on the element means that it can no longer be used. Element tagging depends on the organizer)
    13. Activate the exoskeleton not more than 2 times with the same element. (i.e., the damaged power source located on the exoskeleton can be used for a second time, the next time it is mandatory to use a new item)
    14. Additional elements can only be obtained during missions and quests.


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