Only one realy safe place is tent town. You canfindshelterandsafetywithin: BAR “100 rentgen”, Military base, Bandits base, Freedom base, Duty base.

Tent town : all actions are forbiden, no loud sound or noise. Leaving The Zone or infiltrating in The Zone from tenttownisfullmilitarycontrolzone. So every time you can be looted by military personel.

BAR “100 rentgen” : Bar , sleeping zone, GM zone, warehouse.

Military base : Command headquarters, messroom, generatorhouse, sleepingzone, cell

Bandits base :  sleeping zone,

Freedom base : Bar ” wind of freedom”, Cell, command headquarters, sleeping zone

Duty base : Cell, monster / mutant cell, sleeping zone, headquarter.

Scientists base : Labaratories, cell, reasearch zone, sleeping zone.

Sidorovich : trade zone, sleeping zone.

No firearms in bases, but can use knife.


Inside bases your HP will regenerate, to speed regeneration you can use medpacks. In all bases you can find NPC , quests and work.

Barmen and Sidorovich can be killed if they leave BAR, but only with knife. If  they are killed base  become vulnerable for attacks. All people must leave location for 1 hour.


HP and body impurity

At the begining of game everyone will have 100% HP and 0 impurity points. HP can be lost in monsters attack, radiation, anomalies and other factors.  HP can be restored with medpacks, serums, artefacts and other.

Body impurity can grow in radiation zones, anomalies, biohazard zones. The more body impuryti is the faster HP drops. You can clean impurity by using alkohol, special injections or medicaments.

Injury, death and revive

All players die from BB‘s hit do notmatterwherehe/shewashit.  Granade will kill everyone in 5m radius. Survive from granade you can by hiding over solid construction. Dead players forget  everything ( wherehe/shediedorwhokilled him).  After hit or other type of death player must wait 5 minutes, use kill button on A.R.M. . After put on red jacket and move to respawn location. In base HP will start regenerate. Leave base player can with more than 30% HP.

Dead  people can be looted at any place if not in 20m radius from base.Dead  player can’t run.

Any hit from monster or mutant is deadly.


Emision appearinzone at differenttimeandcan continue up to 3 hours. A.R.M. system will inform  about emision 15 min before it starts. Players must hide from emision in bases . If people are in open place they will die.  After emision some of anomalies can change locations.

Mental fields, zombiefied and kinetic attacks.

Zone is full of anomalies and danger zones, some of them killing some can inflict damage to brains.  Being in danger zone can zobifie players (mutant zombie ). Controlleroneofmutantsthat have power to zombifie stalkers (up to 5 persons) and control them by giving orders.

Biurer mutant can attack with kinetic power or throw kinetic energy ball, Avery kinetic hit take about 25% HP every 20 seconds. Kinetic power ball kill instantly if hit player.

Danger zones

Anomalies, radiation zones, biohazard zones, chemical zones.


Everyone can be looted. LOOT rules.


It is posible that players can find out information about convoys. Convoyhaveguardsandmoveinsidezonebydelivering goods from one location to other.  Convoy can be ambushed and goods can be looted.

Tolls,DUES, blackmail, racket and Bribing?

Any stalker in The Zone can try to collect Dues from other stalkers. Group  or fractions can collect dues for protection.

Military personel can be bribed with Vodka.




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