Main game rules

– Game date: check the ticket
– Arrival and registration: see event description
– Game price: check the ticket
– Game place: Abandoned mid range nuclear rocket launch base „Kelmai“
– Game coordinates: check location meniu
– Game type: Airsoft LARP game (Airsoft 40% LARP 60%)


Age restrictions

This kind of game is for 18 and more years old players only.
Under age 18 participants are not accepted.


Game credo: 

– Respect yourself and other players.


Participants requirements :

– Airsoft understanding and experience
– LARP style game understanding
– Understanding about STALKER game setting
– Appropriate clothing (Depend on chosen fraction)
– Red or orange vest.
– Mobile device with Android 4.1 version or higher.
– Protective glasses
– Minimum game gun entrance airsoft pistol
– Gasmaks or closed respiratory system (can be dummy version)
– Free stalkers must have containers for artefact transportation (internal dimensions 15×10 cm)
– 1 L capacity for liquids(cammel back, bottle etc.)
– Take care about food for game time.
– Before game start must take quiz about game.
– Must follow airsoft gun power and speed requirements
– Must follow radio rulesAirsoft understanding and experience


Recommendations for participants :

– To have vodka (use 0,5L mineral water bottles with vodka stickers)
– To have sleeping bag, tent ,tourist bed
– To have cooking utensils and food (fire place will be provided by -organisers)
– To have extra boots and clothes.
– Recommended to have:
            * full face masks.
            * one or more powerbank.
            * mobile device arm band.

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