Chimera, Controller, Izlom, Burer, Snork.


One of the strongest enemies in the game, one hit by its claw is deadly. Chimeras are hard to spot and even harder to escape from. A Chimera also uses hit and run attack technique, especially at night, it tries to get behind the player’s back and pounce on him and then run off to a distance, to repeat this attack again.
Records indicate that the Chimera is the result of genetic experiments on animals within the Zone. As a result, it is with two heads and is faster, smarter, and stronger than the majority of other mutants in the Zone, be they created through Scientific methods or natural mutation. Most of its internal organs have duplicated, meaning it can take damage to some without being impeded significantly.
Killing method: It can only be killed by a grenade launcher, direct hit.
The grenades must be loaded with special pellets.
P.S. There are almost no pictures of the Chimera. The Military once managed to lure it to a cage, but it broke out, killed 3 of them and escaped.
Pictures and video material is highly valuable.


No no no not the Controller again. Probably the worst Mutant to meet in the Zone not many can tell about him as just few survived. A Controller is a slow type of mutant, possess very high health, and can play with the minds of their enemies. The secret service’s genetic experiments on criminals generated a new type of mutant. A rare mutant usually seen near the center of the Zone, it bears a superficial resemblance to a humanoid with a disproportionately large head. Despite their appearance, they are highly intelligent, possess good perception and the ability to control the behavior of less developed creatures. Mature specimens are capable of taking control of a human’s mind. This is a formidable enemy, even the most experienced stalkers are afraid of meeting it. According to some stalkers, Controllers can make it seem that you are surrounded by your friends, but actually you are surrounded by zombies or it might seem that you are walking on a pathway, but actually you are about to fall off a cliff. The Controller’s main ability is to launch a psychic bolt that deals high telepathy/psionic-based damage to the player from a great distance. In addition to that, Controllers seem to generate a small psy-field that affects the player’s ability to aim and causes anyone close by to slowly lose their mind. There is a high-pitched audio cue before the psychic attack actually happens and avoiding visual contact with the Controller can prevent that from happening.
A player may die if struck by a sufficient number of bolts or if they stay around the Controller for too long.
Controllers CAN NOT be killed with grenades or shotguns. Scientists are working on special and unique gun which may slow it down. This type of weapon can only be facilitated by the Scientists. One bolt hit will take 20% of player mental strength/life . If his bolts reduce the player’s life to zero, the player becomes a zombie and will be under control for a determined amount of time visible on A.R.M.


An Izlom is a mutated human.
An Izlom walks upright like most humanoid mutants. It has one arm much longer than the other arm and has a long neck. Izloms are not aggressive, they tend to avoid engagement with stalkers. They rarely attack unless one is not facing him and is very close, when they do attack they are quite fearsome with maddening zombified moans and they use their large arms to both block and beat the target up. Izloms appear to be neutral with Snorks, but hostile to Bloodsuckers.
IZLOM is always hungry. If feeded with sweets or conserved meat can help for some amount of time. Never ever turn Your back to him and You will be fine. Shooting at him makes him angry and hungry and will not stop him.


The result of Secret Service genetic experiments on criminals, under the program of human telekinesis development.
Special abilities:
Telekinetic shield: The Burer raises its arms and projects a shield around itself, making it immune to all types of damage. Happens almost always when you damage it, but when it does, it cannot attack.
Do not attack when the telekinetic shield is up, since the Burer is invincible during this period.
Telekinesis: Their standard method of attacking, identical to the attack used by Poltergeist except that the Burer can see you even when you’re not moving. Burers can also control a larger number of objects at once with this ability than Poltergeists are able to. Because of this Burer is immune to grenades. They just throw them back and one who used it will be killed on spot. Long range.
Shockwave: If he will see You and if you don’t get behind something in about three seconds you’ll lose a good chunk of health. If there’s debris in the line of attack and it hits you as well you can even get killed in one shot. Medium range.
A peculiar ability of Burers appear to be their ability to mimic the cry of a child to lure curious prey.
Definitely not an easy opponent even for experienced stalkers, made even more difficult due to their preference to travel in pairs or groups.
Can be killed with Shotgun loaded with special pellets.


The Snork is a horrifically mutated human soldier or Stalker, still wearing tattered remains of his uniform, boots and a GP-4 gas mask with cracked eyepieces, and a flailing hose. Exposure to radiation and anomalies in the wake of the second Chernobyl disaster has destroyed the human mind, leaving a feral, vicious beast psyche in its place and twisted the body, creating a dangerous predator.
Snorks were first encountered on May 22, 2007, near one of the army posts at the 30th kilometer of the Zone, on the Kharkov side. An officer waiting for his shiftman’s car near the posts gate was attacked by a snork, which slaughtered him with the rusty remains of a Izh 91 shotgun. The mutant was promptly gunned down by other soldiers.
Overall, the snork is 90-95% similar to a human[1], it has the same general shape and no drastic modifications like claws or tentacles. Its skin is dark gray, covered with both lesions and open wounds, most notably an exposed spine on its back. However, despite the ragged appearance, the snork has incredibly powerful muscles and reflexes.
On the downside, the snork has poor eyesight (his field of vision is obstructed by the gas mask, and is hindered even more by the cracked lenses of their gas mask), but a brilliant sense of smell (his nose is the filter hose for the gas mask), which it uses to locate its prey. When not attacking, it slowly crawls on all fours across the ground, its spine unable to support its weight when standing upright[1]. However, when attacking, it is surprisingly fast, thanks to mutated tendons in its feet. A snork can make long leaps to reach its target, and attack them with an incredibly fast series of kicks with their army boot-clad feet.
The snork cannot talk, its vocal chords were destroyed beyond recognition. It communicates with growls, which vary in intensity and volume, the loudest being, of course, the one preceding an attack. Curiously, the lips on the mouths of snorks are missing. It is quite possible that in a desperate fit of hunger or insanity, the snork bit them off itself, condemning it to forever show its cannibalistic grin.

How to deal with them?
a) RUN
b) KILL : The best way to deal with Snorks is a shotgun(mechanical/spring only) 2-3 hits will make him fade You have few seconds to finish him with knife.
Grenades is another option. If it will explode in 5 meter radius from SNORK he will also fade and You need to finish him with knife.


Rare mutant
Technologically modified version of regular Snork. Very intelligent. Very dangerous.


Some of them been affected by mutants with psi abilities, some of them stepped into anomalies, which scotch they braines Or maybe they entered abandoned SECRET laboratories with functional psi emitters.
You can meet them anywhere in the ZONE. Kill them by using shotgun or with grenade. And always finish with the knife, if not ZOMBIES will raise up and who knows that will happens afterwards…
As Professor Sakharov explains on the origins of zombies –
These creatures ceased being human: they have no cognitive abilities, and so their behavior is the result of whatever remains of their purely animal instincts.


The Bloodsucker is a semi-legendary creature, often used by Stalkers as a symbol of both the dangers and corruption of the Zone. This status has been achieved thanks to the species’ relative rarity, as well as the fact that few humans who encounter Bloodsuckers survive to tell of it.\
Bloodsuckers often make lairs, in which they will dwell, while resting or storing their kill for later consumption. They also sleep standing up, but aren’t known to do so heavily, as even something as quiet as a light footstep will instantly awaken them.

Bloodsuckers are not tremendously resilient, however they are one of the fastest enemies in the game. This, combined with their ability to turn invisible, the fact that they do not create any sound while resting or walking, and their incredibly damaging attacks (their claws ignore all armor) make them extremely dangerous opponents, especially when the player is distracted.

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