New to Stalker

Newbie or experienced player there is important information and Newbie guide

If You are attending to game Stalker for a first time there is some useful information, If You are attending not first time read anyway:
Arriving to the game:
Organizations will not provide transportation to game location.
There will be assigned parking slot for all players.
When You arrive follow signs and register. If You belong to fraction You are able to drive unload gear and must go back to parking slot. If You arrived late or next day please contact organizators.
Only approved cars can be in game area after game start.
All guns must pass chrono test upon arrival.
There is limit of maksimum 3 guns per player. Without pistol and knife.
Guns must be replica of real gun so no nerd guns sorry.
Guns exceeding speed limits must be packed safely in car.
Speed limits is provided bellow
Test is performed with 0,2g bbs
Any gun up to 100 m/s safe distance 1m. Semi / Full auto
Any gun up to 125 m/s safe distance 5 m Semi / Full auto
Machine Gun up to 150 m/s safe distance 15m Not in buildings /Full auto
Sniper rifles up to 150 m/s safe distance 15m Semi only Not in buildings
Sniper rifles up to 170 m/s safe distance 20m Semi only Not in buildings
Bolt action Sniper rifle up to 200 m/s Safe distance 30m Semi only Not in buildings
Approved guns will be marked and only marked guns is allowed in game. Organizators and some fractions will check if gun marked or not. If you are found to use unmarked weapons you will be banned from the game
If You think player is shooting to hard aproach player and ask him to chrono his gun again. And be nice to each other we came to play not to harm each other.
What is NPC ?
NPC is an non player character in game. This is people who are playing their role and are key figures in game. Most of them is organizators or assigned by organizations to fulfill their role.
What is LARP?
The participants in a LARP physically portray characters in a fictional setting, improvising their characters’ speech and movements somewhat like actors in improvisational theatre. You can read more about LARP here:
GM or Game master of this game is team.
All members of is gamemasters
There is some main rules to follow:
0.Safety is Priority. Game is never stopping for all time. Wear glasses suitable for airsoft at all time You don’t want to be a pirate do You ?
IF something goes wrong Shout “STOP GAME” and seek for help. If You have radio switch to Organizator chanel and tell where You are and what happend.
1. Have fun, attitude is everything.
2. Don’t act like an idiot unless Your role is to be one.
3. Drink water If You can not afford to buy it for ingame money NPC always will give some for free. Hydration is crucial.
4.Remember You always have option to go off game to solve problems but try to avoid it, because it will be less fun.
5. Follow game rules. This means Read them at least few times, we will ask You few questions to be sure You know main rules.
6. Dress code follow fraction dress code. As much as possible. This will prevent You from being shot by own team.
(dress codes is available on and in FB group just search for Fractions)
7. There is no winners never ever just people who had good time and ones who didn’t.
8. Make a packing list it must include items for game and for Your comfort.
For game You must have:
a) Android phone version 4.3 as minimum
b) Gas mask or imitation of gas mask, Painter mask with a bit of painting tweaking serves as well. Closed breathing system is advantage and optional. If You have one You can enter more dangerous places. Investment in time to make one gives rewards.
c) Water 1liter for start. If You play as Loner
d) For Stalkers/Loners artefact container inner measures 15×10 cm.
e) Glasses suitable for Airsoft and wear them all the time.(If You see someone without them don’t shoot them. Warn them. This is Stalker game we don’t need Pirates)
g) Airsoft pistol You can not enter Zone without gun. (You can not loose pistol and knife ingame by rules) Knife (training, rubber, airsoft )is optional but good to have.
h) Vest of bright colour it is used as death rag in airsoft games and You must put it on after ingame death until You reach respawn / healing point. In Lithuania every car driver must have one.
i) Food for entire game. Organizators will have some Lithuanian Military rations for sale but not a lot.
For game it is good to have:
“Vodka” – for vodka we use 0,5 ltr sparkling mineral water with sticker vodka. You will use it to drink or to bribe other players.
For Your comfort :Sleeping bag, tent and other camping equipment.
There will be fireplaces prepared don’t make new one without talking to organizators.
Powerbank to charge Your phone. You will have access to charge it up.
Extra shoes in case You get wet or step into Rain anomaly.
You will spend almost all the time outside and have a rough terrain to walk on. And some walks will be long. So having good shoes for outdoor activity is a must.
Armband for phone It is not so comfy to keep gun phone and grenade in hands at the same time.
Walkie talkie radio. And preprograme frequencies in advance. We use standard PMR channels. List will be provided.
Drugs – if You need regular medicine don’t forget it.
Extra information:
Game will be non stop it means we play all time. From start until end, In this period of time weather can change quite drastically. We can not predict weather now so please take a look at weather forecast in advance, and pack Your backpack accordingly.
If You feel tired go rest. Have a zip of “Vodka” in 100 rentgen bar. Barmen even can offer place to sleep.
Don’t enter buildings who is falling apart some of them is really in bad shape.
Watch your steps. There is still a lot of open tunnel entrances and holes in ground. And You are in dangerous place.
If You are lost and don’t know where to go use phone maps. It means download area map for offline use as connection for mobile signal is corrupted by “radiation”.
Organizators emergency phone nr will be available 3 days before game.
Medkits is good to have on your own but there will be 3 medkits in different locations Bar100rentgen Military base for sure.
Narcotics / weed is not good and having it or using will result in elimination from game and police will be informed.
In game cars is invincible don’t shoot at them. People in cars is considered invincible as well and will not shoot from cars to other players as well. If You see hear car step aside and let it pass. Only exception is blockposts. Car is property of players and damaging them is not a good thing.

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