Main game characters list and description known so far.
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Barmen File No SC-98457
Runs Bar 100rentgen
Have contacts in military who helps him run his shady business, Gives tasks, trades various items and information. Because he is greedy Stalkers doesn’t like him a lot but safety in his Bar makes it popular among them and other fractions. Usually safe place to trade and make contacts.
Barmen is invincible in his location and can be killed if steps outside his Bar. If Barmen is killed Bar closes for 1 hour and electricity is shut off. Mutants is likely going to attack it if lights go off.
Sidorovic. information missing

Baryga information missing

Saharov information missing

Military commander Secret File No: SC-Mil101

Zadov information missing

Rastaman information missing

Swamp doctor information missing

Black Stalker.- Deadly creature of Zone, People talk a lot but no one knows the truth information missing

Tusk information missing

General .File: SC-032

Bandit leader Visva File No: SC-100584 and his right hand Diadia File No: SC-100585

Weapon Baron information missing

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