Ticket booking instructions

1. Where to start ..

Open a website by link: https://stalker.events and click on the “Tickets” link

Or Shop at the bottom of the website

2. Choice of fraction or group

In the opening window you can select the fraction by clicking on the appropriate ticket

3. Choice of additional products

In the newly opened window we select the required MRE sets (if you do not plan to buy them, select 0) and click Add to basket

Possible MRE options: one (7,00 eur), three (6,60 eur) or five (6,00 eur per one)

4. Checking the order

Check out the fraction and click Checkout (to proceed)

5. Entering a discount coupon

If you have a coupon, you can enter it by clicking on “Click here to enter your code”.

6. Filling in contact information

In the new window you need to fill in your contact information (1). Let’s not forget the name of Nick and the team.
If there is no call, you can just type the name and the team name is not a required field.

Choose a payment method (2) There are two options: bank transfer or PayPal.

Click the checkbox (3) to agree to the Terms of Service.

And confirm order submission (4) by clicking on Place Order

7. Payment instructions

In the next window you will see the payment instructions or the login window in the PayPal payment system

8. Information

You will be notified of the order and receipt of payment by email. by letter.

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