File: SC-032
Nick name : Skull
Faction: Duty
I was born in farmer’s family. The life was dull and the only way of escaping farmer’s fate was joining the Military. Once I was in the Military everything didn’t go as expected. Some target practice, some running and a lot of drinking. After few years in Military I was assigned to squad that had to protect the Barrier. Things started getting interesting here. We were capturing so called Stalkers. No big deal, they usually were poorly armed and their only escape was outrunning Military. But time to time we caught Stalkers heading out of the Zone with unearthly items on them, they called them Artifacts. Various Corporations’ representatives were coming to the Barrier and buying Artifacts from Military leaders. So… what’s the point of Barrier? It was supposed to stop Zone from spreading, but it only made Corporations life easy, money is no problem for them. And life went like this for a while…
One day something strange happened in the Zone. A group of Scientists came to Barrier and our squad received an order to escort them to Center of the Zone, investigate Anomaly. Things looked easy, a field trip… We didn’t reached even close to the Center of the Zone when some sort of shockwave punched through all of us. Day became night. All vehicles went out of order, some of Military and a couple of Scientist dropped on the ground screaming and tearing their heads as if they were trying to get something out of them. One of poor bastards was our squad Leader. After a minute they stud up… different, they didn’t answer, were roaring, started randomly shooting at their comrades. We had to put them down. At the same time out of darkness started crawling various creatures, fast and agile. Shots were fired. They were tearing us apart one by one. Without a Leader a true chaos started. I got bitten by one of the Zone creatures, next thing I remember is I am being carried out by comrades. Not much of us survived that day. At the med bay I was unconscious for a week, it was a miracle I survived, but all the time I was seeing things from Zone, Monsters, Anomaly’s, pain, horror, HELL. After waking up I understood that the only way to stop Zone from spreading is to destroy it from the inside. After I got better and could hold a weapon, formed a group of survivors from that incident. We took all the weapons we could carry and headed back in to Zone with a mission to destroy It. The word started spreading through Zone, Stalkers, Military and others joined our purpose, our forces grew stronger. We called ourselves DUTY.

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