File No:SC-7589
Name: Sergei Nikielin
Pseudo: Nickel
Birthdate: late 80’s / early 90’s
Location: unspecified
Crimes: AWOL from service, smuggling, illegal trade and theft of military equipment
Right man in the wrong place best describes how Nickel got where he is right now. He is trying his best to bring together the remnants and marauders from what is left of Clear Sky after annihilation. Used to work in trade and smuggling inside of the Zone, later from inside of CS, that’s probably where you know him from if you do. Now with his few comrades serves as protection and support for Scientists. Rumour goes that he may have a shady past and in fact no one seen him leave the Zone. People talk that he looks for some kind of unusual artefact but hell knows which one and why.
Known facts:
Came into the Zone alone and nobody knows where from.
Worked both as stalker and smuggler.
Mourns the recent death of most of his friends.
Has a thing for electronics and machinery.
Looks for some strange artefact. No further intel on it.
Honest and friendly man of work but very suspicious.
Likes to know everything about his crew members.
Left for further investigation

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