File No SC-98457
Nickname :Barkeeper, Mefisto
Age: 30+
Location: Bar 100 Rads near DUTY base
Crimes: Smuggling, ilegal trade post in The Zone
Neither a saint, nor a scoundrel. The Barkeep knows his worth and is respected by all stalkers. Rumor has it he is hiding in the Zone from some dark events in his past. After an encounter with the anomaly, he started limping slightly and decided to change jobs. He set up a bar by the Duty faction, and the place gradually turned into the meeting point for all the Zone’s veterans. The Barkeep has numerous connections both in the Zone and in the outside world.
Known facts is:
Come to the Zone with first military squad and was last survivor from team.
He was loner stalker afterwards.
Have been left by love of his life and now is bitter to all women.
Former bandit leader and Barkeeper was having not so friendly relationships.
Always walks with gun and sleep with gun.
No one can trust him 100% but while in bar 100 Rads and he is in charge of it, it is safe place for a drink or some deals usually in barkeeper favour.
All information about his illegal activities will be rewarded if presented with proof to the Military personel.
#100rads #barmen #TheChoice #stalker #noonetrusthim #greedy

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