File No: SC-Mil589

File No: SC-Mil589
Nickname: Kazper
Age: 29
Origin: UK
Last known location : The Zone (Deployed)
Faction: Military
investigation protocol K-321
A few years back, I used to be an outlaw, followed my own rules and i didn’t give a shit about anything or anyone!!
I was always going and coming out prison consistently because of all the weird shit i did in the old days… until… the government had enough and banned me from the country, sending me to this place called “The Zone”!
Last thing they said to me was “Good luck son, you will need to hold on to whatever you got to survive in The Zone!”..
I did not care or gave a shit about what that was, but it stayed in my head for days. What was the Zone? and why would i need any luck in there? to survive?
Its been 5 years now and now i understand what they meant.. this place is hell on earth! i would not wish this to my worst enemy!
It opened my eyes, this place. made me thing of all the shit i’ve done! I CANNOT let this plague escape from here! I’ve seen what they can do, what they are capable of!! If if the plague escapes, we are better off dead!!
I Joined the military and i am fighting these… Aberrations… these Monsters, with all i got.

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