Summary of Stalker LARP game series

An interesting and intriguing game of unpredictable scenario, bringing together hundreds of lovers of active leisure, #airsoft, #LARP and #RPG games from different countries every year. Game motives and scenarios are inspired by Brother Strugatsky’s book and PC game #STALKER series.

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Stalker universe events are based on a world created by STALKER computer game series, and here life is … a kind, cruel, full of deceit and betrayal. You never know what to expect for the next moment: a lot of money for the artifact; Mutant wishing to have a snack with your leg or bandit lurking in the ambush.

The whole action takes place in the former Soviet military base once secretly hidden and now completely abandoned – we call it ZONE.
The area in reality and computer games is an area that includes the Chernobyl exclusive protection zone and its surroundings.

Participating Fractions or Groups to which you may join:

• Stalkers – free, independent, looking for earnings or hiding from the big world;
• Duty – Basically former soldiers wishing to destroy the Zone and everything in it: anomalies, mutants, and Freedom fraction…
• Military – The mission of the military was to protect no one from entering the Zone and no contamination from the Zone would leak out. This is completely failed.. and what they are doing at the moment is the need to be uncovered…
• Bandits – “Oh, come here, show your pockets” style boys. And friends and enemies for everybody, and nobody wants to deal with them.
• Freedom – formed from the free Stalker, who likes herb, freedom and artifacts. The principles of subordination are vague, affected by drugs and with arms, you can never know what to expect.
• Mercenaries – Mercenaries faction. Beyond the boundaries of the area are famous for them dirty work.
• Scientists – Explore the ZONE’s creatures and vegetation and the anomalous fields, and .. nobody knows what they’re really doing there.
• Monolith – A gang of religious fanatics – gently told, praying, crying out, worshiping the stone …

Game characters:

• Barman from RAD 100 RAD is a real scammer and deceiver, but unfortunately you cannot survive without him …
• Sidorovich – Trader, otherwise you will not name.
• Swamp doctor – stranger than strange, dangerous and good, depending on not clear what he healing mutants, cares Zona as his child, and maybe he is the child of the Zone – no one knows, even they what to know.
• Zadov – Former Military Stalker Commander, has been missing for half a year. Where he is currently unknown.
• And other.

What to expect on arrival:

  1. The good time that you have forgotten for a long time, many stories you tell your friends;
  2. Forgotten Daily Realities;
  3. Some mosquitoes;
  4. Checking the world of game rules.

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