Game STALKER The Choice summary

Duty : admirable group blown up reactor, increased radiation in all teritory. Did not collected all parts for body cleaning device.
Freedom : admirable group activated zone expansion device, zone expanded. Did not collected health restoration device. Because of increased radiation all freedom grass fields have been destroyed.
Military commander collected evidences about Zadov black work in Zone. Zadov disappered. Military stalkers was disbanded.
Bandits lost powerfull artifact and lost controll over many places.
Scientists : created body cleaning device, synthesized vaccine Vr-7, Bg-9, Exl-2, do not collected all monster body and tissue, failed in experiments with humans. Transported vaccines Vr-7 and Gb-9 was lost in unknown ambush.
Freestalkers : only few stalkers found Bubble anomaly and teleported to Zone Nr. 2, two stalkers found lost way to center of the zone.
Bariga was one of the monolith agents in zone, restored wishgranter stone and activated it.

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