STALKER: Uranium Minds

General game information


Game Date: May 14, 2019

Start: 2019.05-14 @ 23:59

End: 2019.05-19 @ 02:00


MAY 14, 2019, FROM 12:00 TO 20:00

MAY 15-17, 2019, FROM 11:00-13:00 AND 18:00-20:00

MAY 18, 2019, FROM 10:00-13:00 AND 17:00-20:00

Game location: The abandoned mid-range atomic rocket launcher Kopusteliai

Game Coordinates:

55.1875671, 24.7121120

Attention game location has been changed to Kopusteliai

Game Type: (Airsoft 40% LARP 60%)

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An interesting and intriguing game of unpredictable scenario, bringing together hundreds of lovers of active leisure, #airsoft , #LARP and #RPGgames from different countries every year. Game motives and scenarios are inspired by Brother Strugatsky’s book and PC game #STALKER series. 

Read more about the book, the history of the virtual world and games organized in Lithuania ( ). 

Stalker universe events are based on a world created by STALKER computer game series, and here life is … a kind, cruel, full of deceit and betrayal. You never know what to expect for the next moment: a lot of money for the artifact that Mutant wants to snack on a leg or bandit lurking in the ambush. 
The whole action takes place in the former Soviet military landfill once secretly, now completely abandoned – we call it Zona. 
The area in reality and computer games is an area that includes the Chernobyl exclusive protection zone and its surroundings.

Participating Groups

or groups to which you can join:

• Stalkers – free, independent, looking for earnings or hiding from the big world; 
• Duty – Basically a Military Wishing to Destroy the Zone and Everything There is Anomalies of Mutants and Freedom Grouping… 
• Military – The mission of Military was to protect no one from entering the Zone and no one coming out of the Zone. That’s totally unsuccessful .. what they are doing at the moment is unknown … 
• Bandits – “Oh come here, show your pockets” style boys. He does not know who he is with and who does not really know what to say. 
• Freedom – formed from free Stalker lovers of herb, freedom and artifacts. Subordination Principles of Aliens, Briefly: You have no idea what to look out for and what to expect from your weapons. 
• Mercenaries – Mercenaries faction. Far outside the area is famous for its dirty work. 
• Scientists – Exploring the Creations and Flora of the Zone, the Anomalous Fields and .. No one knows what they are researching there. 
• Monolith – The gang of religious fanatics is still gently spoken. Praying, crying, rocking … 

Game characters:

• Bar Bar RAD 100 – a real scammer and deceiver, unfortunately without any place… 
• Sidorovich – Perekupas, or black market trader, otherwise you will not name. 
• Swamp doctor – stranger than strange, bloated, dangerous and good. Depending on the unknown, the Zones treat the mutants as their child, or maybe they are the children of the Zone – no one knows, even if they want to know. 
• Zadov – Former Commander of Military Stalkers, has disappeared for half a year, location is currently unknown. 
• And other.

What to expect on arrival….

1. A good time that you will not forget for a long time. Many stories telling friends; 
2. The forgotten everyday reality; 
3. Some mosquitoes; 
4. Checking knowledge of the world game rules. 

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