**** WHISPERS S01-EP02 ****

In the vault of the evening sky, the bleeding sun shone the last rays as if it were her last day. Traveling stalkers emerged from the forest. In an almost ideal circle, the trees were not as if they had been mowed by a giant with a scythe. One other star shining in the clear sky indicated that night had already begun and snorkels and croissants were attracted to hunting. Before each step forward, the wizard threw a bolt, a pebble, or something and only then took a step. At the center of this obscure anomaly, they met another stalker. More precisely, the wizard threw the ordinary bolt and hit the lying stalker in the face. He jumped, his eyes dazed, and began to look at the parties as if without seeing the wizard group. He started running to one side, stumbled behind the root a few meters away, and faced himself at the dirt ball. He stood up and, waving his hands, began to run to the opposite side where the wizard stood. The wizard held out his hand and grabbed the running stalker by the throat, knocked him down and pressed his chest to the ground with his knee. The faded stalker’s face was covered with several layers of dirt as two red glasses shone with his eyes raging from horror, they ran from side to side, the pupils of his eyes shrinking and expanding. His hands trembled and his mouth caught the air hard.
• – What happened to him?- the stalker asked quietly.
•  – A lunatic or monolithic agent who has had a bad brainwashing, said another.
• – No, neither this nor that is here. – The wizard shook his head. – I saw both and those, but here’s something else. Maybe you just turned the screws off? Who are you? What are you doing here? – The wizard angrily almost urged the pressed stalker.
• They’re here … They’re everywhere … He’s in my mind … Don’t you hear them? Look around.
The Stalkers anxiously began to scout.
• They shout at me … They want me to come … I go … I would go … I would say … I would or would not do something. They talk to me, they whisper, listen to them! I can’t. I want silence. Where am I? Why? Who are you? What do you need. Listen or don’t you hear? ..
A funny slap of the wizard silenced the stalker, which fell silent, breathing quickly and deeply into this one or the other stalker. One stalker smiled.
• I say the screws turned off.
The wizard quietly lost something. I suspect we missed something while in the swamps. The psychic stalker ran a green saliva through the corner of his tightly compressed lips. The wizard pulled out of his pocket the blue candy offered by the doctor.
• How? You gave up candy. How did those of you take it?
• I didn’t take it, here from ancient times. I once saw a monolith-recruited stalker eaten with this candy, and after that the candy came back to consciousness, true for a few minutes, but that was enough to get the information I needed.
• And what will it be for us? We ate those dressed candies, too.
• I don’t know, maybe nothing, if nothing has happened so far. Now don’t mix and support this psyche.
Two stalkers pressed the hands of the layman to the ground, the wizard opened his mouth and rolled the candy into the stalker’s mouth. For a few minutes, the psychic lingered, tried to escape, tried to spit out the candy several times. Suddenly he calmed down, a crazy fire disappeared from his eyes, and he began to breathe slowly. It flashed as if a man had awakened from a deep dream. He looked at the stalkers holding him and chattered.
• Water.
The wizard launched the stalker, pulled the bottle out of the belt, unscrewed the stopper, and pressed it to the stalker’s lips. Greedily, after drinking a few sips, the stalker snuck.
• Release, it is now safe.
The stalkers pulled away at a safe distance, but the pistols pulled out ready to use them at any time. The wizard nodded his head toward the stalker, tell me.
• I have been in the Flow Zone for some time. I do not know what happened. Some time ago we were sitting in threes for ourselves deep in the bunker, near the perimeter of the monolith, the discharge was to begin. We thought that immediately after it we would go to the territory of the monolith or along it deeper into the rust forest, because everyone there is afraid to rain, and the scientist said that there are quite a few artifacts there. The idea was to earn well in a short time. After the discharge, no one was in a hurry to rain outside. So to speak, calculating the risk seemed like a good plan.
• Where did you find the bunker near the perimeter?
• The bunker, like a bunker, near the perimeter with a code lock, received the code “Screw” from the bandiugan. I say, we had thought everything well.
• Wait, were the bunker walls red?
• Hmm like … Yes, were they smeared with something? Oh what? Is there any chemistry or what?
• That bunker was closed after it was torn apart by a group of machine workers who went to clean snorkels from it, but it was unclear what kind of monster. Says there was so much blood that it would never dry out, but whose blood no one really knows, scientists are still trying to get samples. That blood doesn’t dry out.
• And when was it?
• A long time ago A long time ago … Isn’t the blood seriously dry yet?
• Yes, Melancholy leaned against the wall, leaving red spots on his backpack. He later tried to wash them, but was unsuccessful.
• I understood well about the hopper. Another anomaly. Tell me further.

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